About Grateful Hearts

Our primary focus is on the social and emotional development of our students.

Who we are

Who we are

Grateful hearts preschool was born out of a desire to offer children and families something special, unique and meaningful.

Our focus primarily starts with the social and emotional development in young children. If children can learn from a young age how to manage their feelings, understand how to interact with their peers, and truly learn that they are loved and valuable then the learning that takes place academically will be more impactful resulting in higher success rates in their future educational path.

Our Philosophy

A whole child approach to education is one which focuses attention on the social, emotional, mental, physical as well as cognitive development of Children.

At its core such an approach views the purpose of educating as developing the brilliant minds of our children and providing the basis for each child to fulfill their potential.

All children regardless of race, color, nationality, or religious background may be admitted into our preschool program.

Teachers and Staff

It is our belief that the success of your child’s learning and wellbeing begins and ends with exceptional staff.

Grateful Hearts feels strongly about the quality of people who interact with your child each day, from the Administration to the teachers.

Our experience in early childhood education has provided us with the knowledge of what to look for when hiring skilled, joyful and talented staff.

It is a requirement of all staff at GHP to have a mindset of gratitude for the field we are in. Teachers who come to GHP each day will exhibit this mindset and it will be evident to you and your child each and every day. One of the many things that we feel sets us apart is our appreciation and value we place on the team we have built.