5 Activities That Get Kids Outside

Summer is the height of the seasons. Trees have their full growth of leaves, flowers are blooming, and the weather is warm and comfortable. Although some kids can’t wait to get outside and play, others may need a bit more encouraging.

If you’re dealing with kids who would prefer to be indoors, here are 5 activities that will get them eager to experience the outdoors.

Chalk Drawings

Drawing on the sidewalks with colorful pieces of chalk can offer hours of entertainment. Kids can lay down and have someone else chalk their outlines, make chalk pools to relax in, or their own tiny obstacle courses. The sky is the limit when chalk is available, so make sure you have a bucket or two to bring outside.

Does this sink or float?

Experimenting with water is a fan favorite with kids. A bucket of water and a variety of items can keep kids interested as they experiment with what sinks or floats. Any activity involving water needs to be closely monitored but can offer a fun way for children to learn, grow, and experiment.

Wash the Toys

Another fun activity is to have them take plastic horses or cars out with a tub of water and wash them. If the kids have a spare change of clothing with them, putting shaving cream on the horses or cars to wash off can be a good sensory experience for kids, as well as giving them a visible target to wash.

Scavenger Hunt

Sometimes all kids need to enjoy outdoor time is a checklist and a marker to check that list off with. Scavenger hunts with things like leaves, rocks, or even the sun on them can keep kids busy as they search for everything on the list.

There’s plenty of ready made scavenger hunts available online, but you can also make your own. Do you know there’s a pine tree nearby? Add that. Have you seen a particular sort of bird? Look for it!

Measuring Nature

Kids love to measure things! On your next nature walk, take a ruler or measuring tape and let kids measure the different things they find. This can also be a great tool to help them get engaged with the world around them.

How big is that rock? How big is that flower? By measuring things, children can interact with nature in a meaningful way.

Some kids love playing outside, but others need a bit of help warming up to mother nature. If you want to help get kids engaged in the great outdoors, these 5 fun activities can help kids explore the world around them.

As always, the most meaningful part of the activity is your own interaction. Preschoolers sometimes need a little bit of help to see the possibilities in that chalk, so help get them started with a pool of lava that needs to be crossed, or stepping stones that need jumped on.

With a little help, kids will be running, jumping and playing outside in no time.