Developmental milestones parents should look for

One of the delightful things about young children is that they are always reaching for and achieving new milestones. When you’re new to the world, everything is an adventure! Whether it’s taking your first steps, or the first time you can open the car door by yourself, these milestones are important to both kids and parents.

If you are the proud parent of a preschooler, here are some of the amazing milestones you can look forward to as your child learns and grows. Preschool age is considered 3-5, so depending on where your child is in that age range, they may have already reached some of these milestones.

Conversation Specialists

Learning a new language is hard. Your child has spent their life hearing language and learning to speak their first words. At 3, your child is now ready for more in-depth conversation. Children at three years old can not only answer simple questions, but they can have exchanges with you, asking and answering something in the same conversation more than once.

As they learn and grow, these conversations will keep on growing and advancing.

Imagination Exploration

At four years old, your child can imagine what it’s like to be someone or something else. Play might involve pretending to be a dog, a favorite character in a movie, or a favorite career like a fireman. At four years old they may also be able to name some colors and answer simple questions about the world around them.

Four year olds are also getting a better grasp of the world around them in other ways. They may be able to ask if they can play with a favorite friend, even if that friend isn’t in front of them. When around another child who is obviously sad or hurt, they may make an effort to comfort them. This might include offering comforting words, or a favorite toy they think will make the other child feel better.

Ready to Learn

At 5 years old, many children are crossing over into Kindergarten. They are ready and able to learn many things about the world around them, and may have already started. Children this age can often count to 10, and may know some letters and letter sounds as well.

They are now able to play games that follow rules, such as hopscotch, and just as they’re ready for the rules of the game, their ready to hop on one foot too.


Young children grow and develop very quickly. They are always learning, always growing. As parents, it’s exciting to see them achieve something new, and with their speed of growth, those exciting new developments can happen almost every day!

Preschool can be a wonderful place for them to develop those new skills, with other kids to learn from and a teacher to guide them. Children in preschool tend to perform better both in school and as an adult, and that may be from all these opportunities to grow, learn, and reach those milestones.